Survey on Trust Results

We are pleased to share a presentation of the results of the survey we carried out amongst our field staff dealing with the issue of Trust.

The survey asked questions to measure trust related to a few different dimensions, i.e. trust between staff (peers) trust between staff and their immediate supervisors, trust in senior management.

The survey also aimed to determine trust in the “organization” or “institution”.

While we often may feel that trust is poor the results appear to indicate that overall it isn’t as bad as some might believe. There are clear indications however that there are issues surrounding trust in recruitment practices, in accountability as well as a difference in trust levels between staff and direct supervisors and senior management.

It is noteworthy that while the responses to the questions seem to indicate that levels of trust are not at all that bad, many of the comments received in the open ended question offer some different perspectives.

We will be facilitating some dialogues surrounding the topic of trust in the near future where we hope to be able to discuss some of the findings from this survey.

Meanwhile, we would be very happy to hear your feedback and thoughts about the results and how you percieve trust in your work environment.

To learn more about trust we highly recommend reading this article on Harvard Business Review, which gives some useful insights into the topic. https://hbr-org.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/hbr.org/amp/2019/02/t…

Looking forward to hearing from you on this important topic.



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