MINUSTAH FSU Newsletter 2

MINUSTAH FSU Newsletter 2

Dear Colleagues,

Although we recently attended a Town Hall meeting on the future of MINUSTAH employees and although the liquidation of the Mission is a subject we listen to every day, we strive to negative circumstances have as little impact on the operations of the mission and our daily Mission life. We’re trying to use interactive communication with the MINUSTAH management, staff and other readers to improve our services and to create opportunities and acceptable working conditions for all. Since May is
the month when we celebrate International Peacekeeping Day, in this second issue we present you our two great experts who have been part of MINUSTAH team and who are willing to share their knowledge with us.



So many questions, not enough answers

Following the publication of the Security Council Resolution 2350 (2017) adopted by the Security Council on 13 April 2017, a general Town hall was held to address key points of the resolution including the recommendations
on the future of the Mission. The meeting was held on 12 May 2017 and a list of questions by Staff Union were distributed to all Staff and presented to the Management. Unfortunately, not many questions were answered in respect of future employment status of MINUSTAH staff. We will bring more on this issue as it becomes available. However, the FSU main focus in the coming
period will continue to be:

a. Selection process for the follow up Mission;
b. Redeployment strategy;
c. Duty of Care;
d. Agreed termination proposal and
e. Continuation of medical services.

The FSU Committee is planning on holding regular discussions with the
Mission Management to identify Mission priorities over the same period and
attempt to match the two sets of priorities and promote a joint cooperative
understanding and effort.