ICSC – Proposed definition of the FS category

ICSC – Proposed definition of the Field Service category

FS Security Officer

The future of the FS Staff. ICSC – Proposed definition of the Field Service category

Staff in the field service category are employed in field duty stations and are subject to rapid deployment to perform technical, logistical, security or administrative support functions, in particular in the context of setting up new or expanding operations, maintenance and liquidation thereof, where impartiality, independence and neutrality is of particular concern.


They qualify to serve in the context of:


• peacekeeping operations;
• special political missions;
• peacebuilding operations;
• humanitarian operations;
• emergency operations.

Staff in this category perform functions that may require freedom of movement within and across national borders;

handling of sensitive information; where the required skills and expertise are not readily available in the local labour market or local staff are otherwise precluded from performing these functions; and where there are risks to properties, assets or United Nations personnel.

Employment in the field service category is on the basis of international recruitment. Employment of nationals of the country shall not be allowed.