Election 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


For your information, the following has been sent to the UNFSU Executive Office from the UNFSU Central Polling Officers regarding the recent Executive Election:




“This is to inform you that we received a challenge from one of the competing tickets on Tuesday 25 June 2019, and referred it to the External Arbitration Committee (EAC) on the same day. It therefore follows that any assumption of duties by the UNSFU Executive Committee Elect will be deferred until a determination is made by the EAC.  In terms of the time impact that this has on the change of office, we are guided by Article 22 of the UNFSU Constitution, para 113 (the EAC shall arrive at a conclusion and make an award within eight (8) weeks).


In light of the above, and in accordance with the UNFSU Constitution Article 18 para 58, “For good governance, the outgoing Executive shall remain in caretaker capacity until a new Executive assumes office. In case none of the outgoing Executives are available to remain in office, the council shall appoint a caretaker President.”


Considering that the award of the EAC is submitted to the Executive, we shall wait to hear from you on the outcome.


Thank you.


Central Polling Officers

Field Staff Union

United Nations Global Service Centre

United Nations Department of Operational Support”

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