Executive – Election – 2017


Dear Friends and Colleagues

As indicated in our previous email, the UNFSU Executive Candidate Nomination Process closed on Sunday 16 July. By Monday, 17 July 2017 (1200hrs UTC/GMT) only one ticket had been received by the Central Polling Officers.

The nominees for the position of President and two Vice-Presidents were Mr. Stephen Towler, Ms. Eva Annette and Mr. Mohammed Helal, respectively.

The Central Polling Officers confirm that the ticket is valid.

In line with Article 18, para 71 of the New Constitution, which provides that, “If there is only one eligible ticket it shall be declared elected unopposed”, we hereby declare the 2017 UNFSU Executive Election concluded.

Further, in accordance with para 69, “The result shall be open to challenge by the competing tickets up to five (5) calendar days from the published date by the CPOs, provided that a written substantiation is tendered to the CPOs supporting a claim of irregularity in the process.” However, the absence of any competing tickets nullifies this.

We therefore welcome the continued service of Mr. Steven Towler as President as well as the new terms of both Ms. Eva Annette and Mr. Mohammed Helal as elected Vice Presidents.

We kindly request that you disseminate this information to all members of the UNFSU and that you extend your support, in your respective capacities, to the new team.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Central Polling Officers